5 Best Mothers Day Gifts for a Plant Lover

Written by Naomi Cleary


Posted on May 05 2021

Everyone has that one plant-obsessed mama in their life. Whether it’s your own mom, a best friend, an aunt, and even a boss that you just can’t help but to notice one of her plant babies at her desk every time you walk by it, getting each one of them the perfect Mother’s Day gift makes it easy when you know their love language is a green thumb. It’s easy to get helpful hints on what to get them if they love raving about their plants on social media. However, if you don’t know where to start but know it has to be something plant related, here’s a list of the best Mother’s Day gifts for the special plant lover in your life.

Plant pots

plant pots

What plant mom doesn’t love an excuse to buy another plant? Especially when she receives a beautiful handmade indoor terracotta plant pot? The best part about these types of pots is that they go with almost everyone’s decor taste because of their simplicity and design style. If a pot alone is too simple and you’d like to add some pizzazz to it, turn it into a kit. By placing indoor potting soil inside the pot, a packet of seeds, such as basil, lemongrass, or mint if you know they are a self-proclaimed chef in the kitchen, a pair of gardening gloves, and a plant tool kit that comes with a shovel.

If you don’t know their favorite plant, you can always place a gift card to a local nursery center inside the pot with the same pair of gardening gloves and gardening tool set so that they can choose the perfect plant to go into the pot along with the proper soil their new plant will be. 

Unique plant-themed gifts

Because every mom needs to take a break and treat herself to some goodies. Amborella Organics is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. This is a twist on the regular lollipop. Not only are these lollipops edible in the most delicious flavors, their sticks can be planted right after enjoying the sweet, candy part.

If you’re not too sure about their taste palette, you can get them the variety pack that includes flavors such as Lavender and Lemongrass and Vanilla and Hibiscus. To plant their lollipop sticks, bundle it with the Blooming Lollipops Grow Kit that includes a pot and saucer. 

Plant-based spa treatments

Know of a spa that specializes in plant-infused treatments? Or maybe a spa that’s designed to look like a botanical garden. If such places exist in the area, treat your plant-loving loved one to a treatment together. Some spas specialize in using certain herbs in their massage oils and offer natural plant-based facials. Who wouldn’t love to get pampered while giving the gift of pampering?

If getting together is out of the question either because of conflicting schedules or being miles apart, you can still gift the a gift card or pack a kit so that they can have their own spa day at home with special plant-based creams and aromas. Clarins, Origins, and Arcona are some really great brands that stick to natural and plant-based formulas.

Yearly subscription

Yearly subscriptions are always a great gift for the receiver. Just like coffee lovers enjoy a yearly subscription of coffee that saves them countless trips to the grocery store to reup on their favorite java, just like wine lovers love receiving a new bottle of wine each month with a wine club subscription, plant mamas will love a subscription to a house plant subscription.

Places such as Horti and Cratejoy have subscriptions that come with houseplants, succulents, air plants, plant cuttings or seeds. Subscriptions are great because they introduce you to new things that you weren’t expecting or aware of before. Another great option about subscriptions is that some places will let you do one for as little as three or six months instead of a whole year so that it’s more convenient and budget-friendly for you. 

Plant-based drinks

While a lot of people may not enjoy plant-based eating, we know that a majority of people enjoy plant-based drinks such as tea and kombucha. A recipe book that teaches you how to make your own loose leaf tea at home may be something really unique and will definitely come in handy during those cooler fall and winter months where staying home with a warm beverage keeps you cozy and comfy. Recipe books such as  The Greenhouse Cookbook: Plant-Based Eating and DIY Juicing, may be the perfect gift, especially if they grow their own herbs that these recipes call for.

When choosing a gift, try not to overthink it. The best part about plant-lovers is that even the smallest succulent will make them smile at the new addition that they get to bring home.



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