Love is In the Air: Top 4 Valentine’s Gifts for Plant Lovers

Written by Naomi Cleary


Posted on February 09 2021

When picking the perfect green gift for the plant lover in your life, consider if your Valentine is a new plant parent or if they are already a green grandparent with propagations and expertise for days. If you are unsure, a new plant pot with some top quality organic potting soil is always a good choice. 

Some New Plant Babies

If your honey is new to plants, opt for a selection of easy to care for plants. Beginner houseplants that look great include Peperomia, Spider plant, ZZ Plant, English Ivy and Pothos. These are all pretty easy to find at your local plant shop and relatively inexpensive. If you want to go a step further, research the light and watering needs of the plant and handwrite a little care card.

If blooms are important, you could pick a plant like a Kalanchoe, or a Hoya that has lots of small clusters of flowers. Both of these are relatively easy to care for. Also, don’t discount Orchids, especially the common Moth or Phalenopsis Orchid. These are actually very easy to care for and the blooms last a really long time.

If your special someone is a plant expert, I definitely encourage a chat with your local plant shop owner. They can guide you towards something special that fits your budget.

It will help if you know the type of plants your honey gravitates toward. For instance, are succulents their thing, or cactus, or perhaps you are on the lookout for an unusual begonia. If they are truly a plant lover, they have probably told you more than once, which are their faves. You can snap a picture of their favorite plant or two to share with the plant shop staff when asking for assistance.

If you decide to go the big expensive cactus route, ask your plant dealer where the plant came from to ensure that you are buying an ethically grown plant, not one illegally harvested from endangered desert sites. This sounds crazy but is a real concern.

Lastly remember is that a lot of plants are poisonous to pets. Please ask your plant seller prior to purchase to ensure that your animals stay safe.

Fun New Plant Pots

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t really go wrong with plant pots as a gift for a plant lover. You will know best if earthy terracotta or brightly patterned pots are the best fit. If you are buying pots, try to find plant pots made in the USA, like our terracotta plant pots that we make here at Palmer Planter Company. If you buy USA made, you can ensure that the person making your pots was paid a fair wage and works in a safe environment.

Choose a grouping of smaller pots for the plant propagator in your life, so they can plant their newly rooted offspring. 

Plant parents are always on the lookout for the “next-size-up pot”. Our Finn or Finch terracotta pots are medium-sized or try our Atlas planter to go big.

If you want to go all out, you could buy the pot, plant and potting soil and create a sort of gift basket.

A 4” plastic growers pot sits nicely inside our Reed planter, chose the right plant and include a small bag of organic potting medium to complete the gift.

A do-it-yourself cactus or succulent garden is a showstopper gift for the plant lover in your life, include 2-3 small plants, a bag of cactus/succulent medium and nestle them inside our Robin Pan. Accessorize the gift with some colored sand or fancy stones.

I don’t know about you all but February is when I have really had enough of potatoes and yearn for the fresh taste of spring foods. If your love has some natural light in their kitchen, try a few packages of seeds, herbs and lettuces, for instance, paired with pots and soil. Three of our Hazel terracotta clay pots lined up in a row with assorted mint varieties would be fantastic!

For a back patio or garden, a trio of our hand-thrown Funnel Terracotta Plant Pots would make a real impression. You could include a selection of spring bulbs along with organic potting soil perfect for outdoor pots.

A Cute Watering Can

Never underestimate a plant lover’s need for multiple watering cans. In addition to a traditional can that can water big plant pots on the ground, the consummate plant grower needs a few other specialized cans. 

A small can with a long spout is indispensable for those hard to get to plants. A mister is also key equipment for anyone with plants that prefer to absorb their moisture through the leaves (anyone with many bathroom plants will love this gift).

Our house has plants on three levels, and water access on two. We have cans that live on all three floors, and still think we need one or two more!

Fresh Gardening Gloves

It is very easy to make a mess caring for houseplants. There are a few simple accessories that can help keep you and your house clean, the most obvious but often overlooked would be gardening gloves. The perfect pair will keep your hands clean while also allowing you to make delicate moves. You really need to be able to handle roots and leaves with care so anything bulky is a no go. Look for thin but tightly woven gloves, preferably waterproof.

Other great accessories you could pair with gloves include small shears for careful trimming of roots and leaves, a planting mat that contains dirt that makes it easy to pour soil back into plant pots and bags, and a cute little nail brush and soap for when hands get dirty anyway.

Whatever plant-y gift you choose to buy for your Valentine this year, make sure it comes wrapped in plenty of love.



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