Top 3 Ways to Incorporate Nature in Your Home

Written by Naomi Cleary


Posted on August 27 2020

The benefits gained from a connection with nature are huge. Reduced stress and anxiety top the list and in today's world, that is very important.

If you are a busy person, and really who isn't these days, it can be hard to find the time to connect to nature. If you live in a city, as a majority of Americans do, a rogue dandelion poking up through a cracked sidewalk may be your only daily reminder of the beauty of nature.

Thankfully it is easy to incorporate the beauty of the natural world into your home.

Decorate With Houseplants

Incorporating plants into your home is the number one way to bring the green world indoors. These not only add the beauty of nature, they also purify that air. If you are a beginner plant parent, try some easy care hanging plants like Spider, Hoya or English Ivy and some potted table plants like a ZZ or San Saveria. 

Try adding at least one plant to each room in your home. make a list of the average  temperature and amount of  light in each room, and head to your local independent plant shop. They can help you match the perfect plants to each room.

Use Terracotta or Clay Pots for Plants 

Double down on the connection with the natural word by using handmade plant pots made from natural materials. It doesn't get any earthier than clay, dug straight from the ground.

We love indoor terracotta pots for its toasty orange color and the way it patinas over time. You can even grow moss on your terracotta plant pots for a green trifecta.

Mini Nature-Scapes.

After a walk through the woods, or a trip to the beach, my family always has a collection of found wonders to sort through.

Take advantage of what you find and decorate with it! Try using shells, rocks, pinecones, feathers, dried wild flowers or herbs. These things add a softening touch to a room and help blur the lines between outside and in.

If you want to skip the foraging, there are many places to buy shells or bits of nature. Please just remember to source sustainably.



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