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Terracotta Plant Pots


Terracotta Plant Pots

The Perfect Pot

If you are drawn to the earthy quality of terracotta then our signature “Soft-as-Silk” pots will make you very happy. The rich surface of these pots is smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina.

We use a labor intensive process to achieve this unique surface. We apply a double layer of terracotta wash onto each handmade pot, and then burnish every piece with our hands. This flattens all the clay particles and creates the softest raw-clay surface possible. Finally, we fire the pots in a kiln to 1960 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The shapes of our pots are modern, but familiar. We offer a range of sizes to meet all your potting needs.

All of our plant pots have drainage holes, as we know that this helps keep plants healthy and happy. Our Soft-as-Silk pots are less porous than regular terracotta pots due to the seal created by the clay wash. The bonus is that you don’t have to water your plants as often as you would with most raw terracotta.

Don’t forget to add a saucer for each pot to your order to catch water.

  • What is 'soft-as-silk'? Most un-glazed or raw-clay pots have a gritty surface that just doesn’t feel good to touch. Our pots feel smooth, hence the name “Soft-as-Silk”.
  • What is terracotta? Terracotta, also known as earthenware, is a type of clay. It is fired to a relatively low temperature in comparison to most other clays and has a high iron content (think rust) that results in its characteristic orange color.
  • Why is a terracotta pot a good choice for plants? The porous nature of the clay allows moisture to evaporate through the walls of the plant pot, helping your plant dry out between watering.
  • Why do pots need drainage holes? Plants need water, but they don’t want to spend time soaking in the tub. A drainage hole allows excess water to escape easily so the roots of your plants don’t rot.
  • Can I keep these pots outside? You can! However we recommend bringing these pots inside during freezing winter months to avoid damage.