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Cedar: Soft-as-Silk Terracotta Pot



One of our largest cylindrical pots in our Soft-as-Silk line, Cedar is a beauty.

Perfect for any large size plant that needs a good amount of depth for roots, of a good amount of weight on the bottom to keep a tall plant upright.

The rich surface of our Soft-as-Silk pots is smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina. Visit our collection page to learn more about how we make these pots.

Need something a good deal bigger? Perhaps move over to our line of Terracotta Garden Pots

Don’t forget the dirt!
Use our Premium Blend Potting Soil for indoor containers.

Please Note: Each planter is hand made by real people in Philadelphia PA.
Sizes are approximate; embrace the slight differences in shape, size and color that are the result of human hands and natural materials.


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