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Clove Orchid



This is a perfect starter pot for an orchid. They thrive in most soil but you never want them to be sitting in water. The carefully placed holes all around our orchid pots allow the air to reach the roots. It is thrilling when to see healthy lime green roots peeking through the holes!

Our Soft-as-Silk terracotta is a contemporary version of the classic garden terracotta.
We love the dark patina that well used pots get, and our Soft-as-Silk is all the beauty without the wait. The rich orange surface is soft and smooth, a result of a second layer of terracotta and lots of hand burnishing.

Size: 3.5"H x 4.5"D
Drainage Hole: Yes

Terracotta planters are pourous so always put a non-pourous surface under the pot and saucer if you will be placing the pot indoors on a table or counter.

Each planter is hand made, embrace slight differences in shape, size and color.