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Orchid Plant Pots


Orchid Plant Pots

How to Use Our Orchid Plant Pots

    • The story seems to be that orchids are impossible to grow, that they will die no matter what. Well that is just rubbish! We have asked around to find you the best tips for keeping your orchids alive, with tips coming from grandmothers, friends & botanists.

Use Pots With Holes

    • Orchids thrive in most environments but you never want them to be sitting in water. The carefully placed holes all around our orchid plant pots allow air to reach the aerial roots and help water to evaporate.

Choose The Right Size Pot

    • Orchids like to be planted tight in their pots. Choose an orchid plant pot that leaves only a small amount of space for soil or bark chips around the root. If your pot is larger, plant more than one orchid in the same pot.

Terracotta or Glazed?

    • This is primarily an aesthetic choice, but remember that terracotta will need watering more often.

Water Often, Drain Well.

    • Keep your orchids moist. Check them often. Don't let them stay dry for more than a day, also don't let them sit around in a puddle of water for more than a day.
    • Choosing an orchid pot with holes will help make sure you don't drown your orchid!