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Organic Mechanics

Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix



Scientifically designed for amazing drainage, yet holds enough moisture to keep your cacti & succulents happy

Also works for bonsai trees, jade plants, or any plant that needs exceptional drainage

The biochar helps to retain biology in the root zone

Even the good people at Organic Mechhanics recommend using terracotta containers for best results

100% Organic!

Safe for humans and pets

Made in Philadelphia, PA USA


About Organic Mechanics: Founded in 2006, Organic Mechanics are a small batch blender of premium potting soils and soil amendments. Based in Modena, PA, their soils are made from organic, and often re-purposed materials, such as coconut coir, compost, and worm castings. Their mission is to produce the highest quality, most earth-friendly products available. As employers in their local economy, they utilize renewable energy and power their equipment with bio-diesel. All of their products are 100% organic, peat-free, chock full of beneficial biology, and people and pet safe.


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