About Our Collections

The rich surface of our Soft-as-Silk clay pots are smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina. We use a labor-intensive process to achieve this unique surface. We apply a double layer of terracotta wash onto each handmade pot, and then burnish every piece with our hands. This flattens all the clay particles and creates the softest raw-clay surface possible. Finally we fire the pots in an electric kiln to 1960 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Soft-as-Silk pots are less porous than regular terracotta pots due to the seal created by the clay wash. This means don’t have to water quite as often as with most raw terracotta.

Terracotta Garden Pots
Our Garden Terracotta Pots are traditional bare terracotta clay, slightly gritty in texture, the perfect porosity for outside or indoors. These pots will patina quickly, darkening as they absorb the salts and minerals from water and soil. Terracotta is the classic, time-tested, garden pot material. It is porous, letting water evaporate through the clay walls. Our terracotta clay pots last a really long time.

Glazed Planters

A glaze is a glass-like surface, applied as a coating on the outside of our clay pots. We start with our blank terracotta pots that have been fired once. The pot is dipped in a liquid glaze made of powdered glass forming materials mixed with water. Once the glaze layer is dry, it can be decorated and fired for a second time to 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. The glaze melts in the kiln, but unlike most glass it will not melt into a puddle - think glass bottle in a campfire. Glazes are specifically formulated not to run off the pots. Once cooled slowly, we open the kiln to reveal a fresh batch of glazed wares.

Some of our pots are coated in glaze mixtures that melt to reveal a multitude of colors. Other glazes are one color surfaces that make a simple, modern statement.

Our Glazed Terracotta offers the earthy quality of terracotta paired with a pop of color, a great compliment to any collection. Our Majolica pots are first dipped in a smooth white glaze then hand painted with our original designs. It is a lot like painting with ink, each one a little different than the next.

How to Use Glazed Pots
Our glazed ceramic pots can look great anywhere in your home. All types of indoor plants can thrive in our pots as long as you take good care of the plant, using good soil, watering correctly and sizing the pot to the plant well.

The shapes of our pots are modern, but familiar & we offer a range of sizes to meet all your potting needs. All pots have drainage holes, critical for healthy, happy plants.