FREE SHIPPING And no plastic packaging! Just paper and cardboard.

Our Family Company

Palmer Planter Company is a small family company, established in early 2017 by sweethearts Daniel Ricardo Teran & Naomi Cleary. We are artists with complimentary skills and a shared love of plants and historical pottery.

We offer a quality alternative to imported, anonymous and mass produced plant pots. All of our planters and garden accessories are designed and made by us. We use a combination of ceramic manufacturing processes from wheel throwing to slip casting. Each piece we create is slightly different from the next and every single pot bears the fingerprints of the maker somewhere on it. We believe that the details are a good part of what make our pots special, from the hand stamping of our company name on the bottom of every single pot, to the energy contained in each hand painted line, leaf, or swirl.

Our production studio is located within Stenton Guild, a 27,000 square foot brick and steel building located in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. This building was part of Philadelphia’s mighty industrial past, built originally for the Norton Abrasives Company. We are thrilled to be part of this active and energetic community of creative people.

We are committed to making a sustainable product. We use renewable energy to fire our kilns, USA made recycled paper and cardboard to ship our pots, and not a drop of plastic packaging.

We plant each new style, and test our pots both indoors and out. We make sure plants can thrive in our pots, and that the pots can withstand the elements. Each time a plant sends out a runner or unfurls a fresh new leaf, we are reassured that our plant pots are good.