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About Us

Announcement: 4/30/21
Palmer Planter Company is moving to Dallas, Texas. We will be opening our new, beautiful, expanded production studio in late July 2021. We will not be shipping any pots until we reopen in late summer. We wish to send a big & heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us along the way in our home city of Philadelphia, we couldn't have done it without you. Join our mailing list & follow us on Instagram as we share pictures and info about our new home, and all the new pots we will be making!

How It All Began 

Daniel and I both went to art school thinking we would be painters, which I think is pretty much what everybody thinks when they go to art school. We both ended up as trained potters, drawn into ceramics by the collaborative nature of clay, and honestly, the best pot lucks of all the different art departments. We both spent many years teaching, giving workshops, and selling our own hand made pottery, supported in part by a few amazing non-profit art centers like The Clay Studio in Philadelphia.

We met in 2010, and from the beginning the goal was to spend every day together in the studio. Now we know this idea is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for us, building a creative life centered on making beautiful and useful things became doubly amazing once we were building it together.

In 2017 we decided to combine our creative forces into one single business. An enthusiastic response to a first round of planters gave us the courage to just go for it. Palmer Planter Company was born in late 2017, and three studios later we are still growing!

Our Priorities


Nowadays most of the plant pots sold at big box stores are mass-produced overseas. Workers are paid pennies and often endure dangerous conditions to make these products. We make all of our terracotta plant pots in Pennsylvania, USA, using sustainable and safe small manufacturing processes. 


Our clay pots for plants work really well. We test them all in our own home and garden, and also constantly ask our retailers (plant experts) for feedback to retain their quality. They are always able to tell us what works best, and how we can improve on what isn’t working. We also look to history for clues as to what works really well, and try to steer clear of new design fads that don’t take drainage into account.


We offer our pots in a range of shapes, colors and textures that are finished with the highest quality materials. The end result is smooth feeling planters with no sharp edges that will not damage your surfaces, and that make your plants really stand out.

Hand it Down

Our clay pots for plants can live a long life. They can be handed down through generations, perhaps becoming a prized possession for some. Eventually they will be broken, but even then the shards can be used to facilitate drainage at the bottom of another plant pot.

Who are our pots for?

The beauty of making handmade plant pots is that they really are for everyone. There is no specific type of person that buys a plant pot. We have sold pots to a guy who works at the naval shipyard in Philadelphia. We sold some orchid pots with holes to a woman who was clergy at a cathedral in Washington D.C. We sell pots to gardeners that would put us to shame with the best tomatoes in town, and to college students who would like an “un-killable” plant in a lovely handmade flower pot in their dorm room. And our favorite, the kid with $20 to buy something for a family member’s birthday.

Why We Do What We Do

Making pots makes people happy. That sounds cheesy, doesn’t it?.There is just nothing that compares to making something and having someone else love it. Did you ever bake a dessert and have people “Ooh” over it? We get those “Oohs” every day.We are so lucky! And on top of that, which by itself could be enough, our beautiful terracotta plant pots are ethically made right here in the USA.

We are always interested in custom orders, commissions and wholesale inquiries.
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