We make all our pots in Dallas TX, USA, using sustainable and safe small manufacturing processes.
Our pots are fired to the perfect temperature, ensuring three important things:
A strong pot, able to withstand a cold night.
A porous pot, that lets water evaporate.
A resilient pot, capable of lasting generations.

How It All Began

Daniel Ricardo Teran and Naomi Cleary met in 2010, and from the beginning the goal was to spend every day together in the pottery studio. Now this would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Daniel and Naomi, building a creative life centered on making  beautiful and useful things became doubly amazing once they were building it together.

After spending many years teaching, giving workshops, and selling their own hand made pottery, they decided to combine their creative forces into one single business.  Palmer Planter Company was born in late 2017, and four studios later they are still growing!


Nowadays most plant pots sold at big box stores and local garden centers are mass-produced overseas. Workers are paid pennies and often endure dangerous conditions to make these products. We are committed to making our products in the USA , and use sustainable and safe, low impact manufacturing processes. Our products are all designed & made in our studio in Dallas, TX.   We use time tested techniques as well as new technology to ensure we can produce the inventory volume & quality you expect from a US based manufacturer. Read more about our Sustainability Commitment.


Our clay pots for plants work really well. We test them in our own home and garden, and ask our retailers/plant experts for feedback to ensure their quality.
We also look to history for clues as to what works really well, and try to steer clear of new design fads that don’t take drainage into account.


We offer our pots in a range of shapes, colors and textures that are finished with the highest quality materials. The end result is smooth feeling planters with no sharp edges that will not damage your surfaces, and that make your plants really stand out.

Hand it Down

Our clay pots for plants can live a long life.
They can be handed down through generations, perhaps becoming a prized possession for some. Eventually they will be broken, but even then the shards can be used to facilitate drainage at the bottom of another plant pot.
Lean how to care for terracotta pots.

About Palmer Planter Company