At Palmer Planter Company, we are committed to making ethical and environmentally sustainable products, as well as fair trade, low-impact, local manufacturing, and plastic free products.

When something is sustainable, it means it can continue, be prolonged. When you build a house, you first lay a foundation upon which all other parts are built.
Our commitment to ethical and environmentally sustainable manufacturing are the foundational guide points that we believe will support our growth and continued operation.

Our Green Strategies

We use:
    Clay made in the USA.
    Renewable energy to fire our kilns.
    USA made recycled paper and cardboard packaging to ship our pots instead of plastic packaging.
    Low waste production methods.
    Non-toxic glaze and clay materials
    Carbon credits with every web order that ships via UPS.

    Our Ethical Commitments

      We choose to:
      Always pay employees a living wage or above, as defined by the MIT living wage calculator.
      Keep our production studio clean and silica-dust free to ensure the continued health of our staff.
      We only sell through retail partners that support safe working conditions and pay a fair wage. Our products are not available on and we do not use drop ship warehouses.
      We purchase our production materials and shipping supplies from companies that are committed to ethical treatment of their employees and to environmentally sustainable business practices.

      As potters by training and trade, we have spent two decades making cups, plates, and bowls. We fully believe a handmade object has the power to connect people. Please reach out with any questions, or just to talk about pottery or plants.

      Our Commitment to Sustainability