The Magic of High-Quality Soil

Plants need more than just water to grow, we all know this. Beautiful flower beds and abundant vegetable gardens only happen when the dirt they are planted in is rich in nutrients and full of worms and other insects that aerate the soil and help deliver oxygen to the roots of the plants.

When growing plants in containers, you need to use high quality potting soil that comes preloaded with all the nutrients your plants need, along with the right combination of materials to ensure a well draining medium that doesn't rot your roots!

How to Choose Your Potting Soil

We have carefully selected the perfect potting soils for our handmade clay pots for plants.

For indoor plant pots, use a premium potting soil. You want to look for an all-purpose blend that is super moisture-retentive and chock-full of compost and worm castings to feed your plants well. This type of soil will be best for small containers and window boxes, or any plant that needs moist soil.

A good cactus and succulent mix will be designed to give superior drainage, yet hold enough moisture to keep your cacti and succulents happy. This type of mix also works for bonsai trees, jade plants, or any plant that needs exceptional drainage.

If you are keeping your pots outdoors, use a blend of soil made for containers
You need a well draining soil, so when it rains for a week your plants won’t drown!
If you use regular cheap dirt or manure meant to be mixed into your flower or vegetable beds,
it will be to heavy and become one solid block after a few heavy rains.
It is cheaper, but will cost you in the long run.

Do you love to water.....perhaps even over-water your houseplants?
If you do, you might want to choose this same type of container soil for
for your indoor plant pots.

Do you live in a really hot or dry climate? If you do, you might want to choose a more moisture-retentive premium potting soil for you outdoor pots. You should also choose this type of soil if you are using very small pots outside, such as our Tulip Garden Pot.

We highly recommend Organic Mechanics soil and potting mediums.
We also love Texas Worm Ranch for top quality worm castings and more.