Why Clay?

Why is a clay pot good?

It’s Weighty.
The weight of a clay pot is a bonus when you have a taller plant that is top heavy. Plastic pots placed outdoors are susceptible to being blown over, this rarely happens with a clay pot.
It Lives On.
A clay pot lives a long life. They are often handed down through generations, prized possessions for some people. Eventually they will be broken; even then the shards can be used to facilitate drainage at the bottom of another pot.

Plastic degrades very quickly, and really, honestly, cannot be recycled.

It Breathes (or drains).
Terracotta porous, letting water evaporate through the clay walls. Are you are an attentive plant parent, who maybe over-waters? Porous clay pots or clay pots with drainage will ensure the roots of your plants will not drown the way they can in conventional plastic pots.

Clay Can Add Humidity.
For indoor plants, terracotta pots can even add some humidity to the air, which lots of plants really love.

Oh that Color!
Terracotta has a beautiful orange color that will patina over time as minerals in your soil and water evaporate through the pot walls. If you are lucky, you may even get some moss to grow on the outside. This patina stands as a marker of the time and care you have put into your plants.

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