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Atlas: Soft-as-Silk Terracotta Clay Pot 4.75"H x 8.75”D

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Size: 4.75: H x 8.75”D
Drainage Hole: Yes
Material: Terracotta Clay
Saucer: #5 Saucer
Origin: Made in Dallas TX, USA

Atlas is beautiful wide pot with lots of room for plants to spread out. Try planting a grouping of herbs that will always be on hand to up your flavor game, or a forest of San Sevaria to bring some height to your room. If you are looking for a large pot that is taller rather than wide, try our Cedar Pot.

If you love the earthy quality of terracotta then our signature “Soft-as-Silk” pots will make you very happy. The rich surface of these pots is smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina.  Don’t forget to add a saucer for each pot to your order to catch water.
Visit our Collection page to learn more about how we make these pots.

Please Note: Each planter is hand made by real people in Dallas TX.
Sizes are approximate; embrace and enjoy the slight differences in shape, size and color that are the result of human hands and natural materials.