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Saucers: Soft-as-Silk Terracotta


Antique White
Soft-as-Silk Terracotta

Size: Varies by Saucer No.
Material: Terracotta Clay
Origin: Made in Dallas TX, USA

When you water your plant, isn't it annoying when the water runs everywhere!

Our terracotta saucers are designed with a wide amount of room between the base of the pot and the lip of the saucer. Ensuring that the water stays in the saucer.

Choose your color,  go matching or mix it up with a different color saucer than pot.

No.1 Fits Clove, Cassia, Hazel and Scout pots.

No.2 Fits Briar, Finch, Finn and Reed pots.

No.3 Fits the Wren Pan.

No.4 Fits our tall Cedar pot.

No.5 Fits Atlas & the Robin Pan

The rich surface of our Soft-as-Silk clay saucers are smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina.

We use a labor-intensive process to achieve this unique surface. We apply a double layer of terracotta wash onto each saucer, and then burnish every piece with our hands. This flattens all the clay particles and creates the softest raw-clay surface possible. Finally we fire the saucers in an electric kiln to 1960 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Soft-as-Silk pots & saucers are less porous than raw terracotta pots due to the seal created by the clay wash. Please note, all terracotta is somewhat porous, so use caution with delicate surfaces.

Visit our about page to learn more about how we make our terracotta plant pots & saucers.


Please Note: Each saucer is hand made by real people in Dallas TX. Sizes are approximate; embrace the slight differences in shape, size and color that are the result of human hands and natural materials.

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