Victory Topiary: Terracotta

Victory Topiary: Terracotta

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How adorable will your succulents look a these hand thrown topiary pot. They are all one of a kind, no one else will have one quite like yours.
Your pot will be approximately  3.5 - 4.5"H x 4 - 4.5"D 


The pot will allow you to plant 2- 3 small succulents or cacti in each pot.

Our Soft-as-Silk terracotta is a contemporary take on the classic garden pot . The rich orange surface is soft and smooth, a result of hand burnishing.

Traditional terracotta planters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use as the porous nature of the clay allows the plants root system to breathe, letting moisture in and out.  A drainage hole increases plant health.

Each planter is hand made, embrace slight differences in shape, size and color.