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Tulip Terracotta Garden Pots



This beautiful and classic shape will make any plant look amazing.

This garden pot is hand thrown on a potters wheel. The subtle curve of the form and enhance rim at the top is reminiscent of a tulip, hence our chosen name for this pot.

Terracotta is the classic, time-tested, garden pot material. 

  • It is porous, letting water evaporate through the clay walls.
  • Can add humidity to the air.
  • Terracotta has a beautiful orange color that patinas over time..
  • Good clay pots last a really long time.

Choose from three sizes or treat yourself the trio.

Similar in size but different in shape are our three Funnel Pots

Don’t forget the dirt! Our Container Blend from Organic Mechanics is specifically formulated with excellent drainage, ideal for containers kept outdoors.

Please Note: Each planter is hand made by real people in Philadelphia PA. Sizes are approximate; embrace the slight differences in shape, size and color that are the result of human hands and natural materials.



Small, 4.5”H x 4.5 " Top Diameter

Medium, 6.5”H x 6.5" Top Diameter

Large, 7.5”H x 7.5” Top Diameter

Drainage Hole: Yes

Material: Terracotta Clay

Origin: Made in Philadelphia, USA

Saucer: Purchase with or without a saucer depending on your preference.

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