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As plant lovers ourselves, we understand that different potted plants have different needs. If you are looking for traditional terracotta that can take a rainstorm, try our Garden Pots. If your house is a green oasis…or just a nicely foliated home, we have beautiful, earthy clay pots in our signature Soft-as-Silk varieties, or colorful Glazed Pots that will add a splash of color to and room. For orchid lovers, we offer a line of well ventilated pots with hand cut holes, both glazed or clay surfaced. Don't forget to add some really good soil to your order, to help your plants thrive. As always, we make our pots in Pennsylvania, USA, using sustainable and safe small manufacturing processes

Bright + Cheerful Glazed Pots

Some of our pots are coated in glaze mixtures that melt to reveal a multitude of colors, other glazes are one color surfaces that make a simple, modern statement. Our  Hand-Painted Pots offer an ever changing assortment of color and design combinations. The process of painting each one is akin to ink brush painting. There is no room for error, and no erasing!

Our Signiature Soft-as-Silk Terracotta

To make our Soft-as-Silk Pots we use a labor-intensive process that includes hand burnishing each pot to achieve a surface that is smooth to the touch. These terracotta pots have a subtle beautiful patina, with shapes that are modern, but familiar.

Terracotta Garden Pots - Classic Durability

Our Terracotta Garden Pots are designed to be great outdoor pots. They are often thicker-walled and larger than our indoor range. When making these pots, we consider the elements, to ensure our pots can withstand a nippy night. The unglazed surface, along with ample drainage holes, allow these pots to take buckets of rain and still leave you with healthy, happy plants.

Classic + Time Tested

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to making a sustainable product. Ceramic pots can last for generations, unlike plastic pots that degrade over a very short and must be replaced.If you do break your ceramic planter, you can re-purpose by planting the shards inside your pots to assist with drainage.
We use: USA made clay, Renewable energy to fire our kilns, USA made recycled paper and cardboard to ship our pots and no plastic packaging.

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