30+ One-of-a-Kind Terracotta Pots

This week we bring you a selection of original pieces of art made by Daniel Ricardo Teran!

These pots range from 2" up to 10", in rich red, hand burnished terracotta. A select few have white or blue touches. Don't miss your chance to pick out a few of these unique pieces of art..

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All our clay pots are handmade by Naomi + Daniel in their Dallas TX studio and are designed to help your plants thrive.

Choose from traditional Garden Terracotta, our soft-as-silk House Terracotta, our hand cut Orchid Pots, and our Glazed Pots in earth or bright tones.

All our Hand Crafted USA Made pots ship carefully to your home using only paper and cardboard, no plastic!

Get to know us!

Palmer Planter Company is owned by sweethearts, artists and co-habitators Naomi Cleary + Daniel Ricardo Teran

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