Welcome! Check out our beautiful, terracotta clay pots in our Soft-as-Silk and Garden varieties.
For Orchid Lovers, we offer a line of well ventilated pots with hand cut holes.
Our Glazed Pots offer a selection of colors and textures for all tases.
All our USA made pots ship carefully to your home using only paper and cardboard, no plastic!
Thank you for supporting our small family business!

Orchid Pots with Holes

One of a Kind Hand Made Pots

About Us

Daniel Ricardo Teran and Naomi Cleary met in 2010, and from the beginning the goal was to spend every day together in the pottery studio. Building a creative life centered on making beautiful and useful things became doubly amazing once they were building it together.

After many years teaching classes & workshop, and selling their own hand made pottery, they combined their creative forces into one single business. Palmer Planter Company was born in late 2017. Four studios later they are still growing!

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